We are a multi-solution auction & re-marketing company with an intense and detailed focus on providing quality results to our clients. We identify and track market demand through targeted analytics, implementing strategy that leverages that demand to optimize our clients return on their assets.

We provide specific industry solutions along with detailed ValuePoint inspections and operational video on key components, ensuring buyer confidence.

Through our various sales channels, we have the ability to provide the most efficient and profitable solution to meet your asset dispersal needs, and all this to a global market audience.

Our fleet valuations and utilization services will help you determine what to sell, when to sell it, and the right venue for your equipment.

Looking to sell?

Site Auction Services is always looking for equipment to purchase or consign. Contact us for more details.

The job of an auctioneer is to ensure that the sellers of goods can get the best price for their items. 

We accomplish this by being the best in the world at advertising and drawing attention to the goods that we sell, and by utilizing trained professionals with years of experience to perform out inspections, ensuring auctions where bidders are informed and confident about the equipment they’re bidding on. Our sellers are always thrilled by the great services that we provide them.